A downloadable game

17th century İstanbul and Bosphorus, a young man named Hazerfen, falls in love with the Emperor's much loved daughter, who is taboo for him. The Emperor, in an effort to make a twist on the fate of his daughter, places her away from land, builts tower in the middle of Bosfphorus, 150 meters off the shore of the Salacak District in Üsküdar.

Every night, Hazerfen attempts to find his way to the princess by flying.


Core gameplay mechanic is collecting.

Launching from Galata Tower; flies across Haliç.

Collecting the ingredients of the Mesir macunu, a traditional Turkish sweet believed to have therapeutic effects, along the way to Maiden Tower.

When hezarfen reaches Maiden Tower, he gives his colectibles which has become as Mesir Macunu to the princess and a flag is raised from Maiden Tower.